Lester Centre Launches Leadership Search

The Lester Centre of the Arts, Prince Rupert’s preeminent live arts venue, has announced that Michael Gurney has elected to depart the position of General Manager, a role he has embraced enthusiastically since 2018.

Mr. Gurney will be pursuing entrepreneurial, literary and contemplative initiatives following the fulfillment of his duties on May 31. The Lester Centre’s board of directors has launched an immediate search for a successor, with a detailed job description to be released through local and national channels.

“It was an extraordinary privilege serving our vibrant arts community, day-in and day-out,” said Gurney. “Dance, theatre, music, visual arts, leadership development and volunteerism all thrive within the Lester Centre’s walls. I witnessed creativity, expression and ideas in action. The kaleidoscopic culture of this city is one of its greatest strengths, both invigorating and illuminating.”

Mr. Gurney gratefully acknowledged the talents of staff members Dwain Harrison and Scott Langille as well as the support of Lester Centre volunteers and its board of directors.

During his tenure, he also contributed volunteer service to complementary organizations including the BC Heritage Fairs Society, Harbour Theatre, the Port Edward Historical Society, the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce, the Prince Rupert and Region Music Society, the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation, the Prince Rupert Rotary Club, the Prince Rupert Special Events Society, the Rainmakers Debate and Public Speech Club, Toastmasters, and the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society.

The Lester Centre, which opened in 1987, is owned by the City of Prince Rupert and is operated by a non-profit organization known as the Prince Rupert Performing Arts Centre Society.

More information about the position of General Manager will be posted online and through local information channels.